North American Society for Christian Arabic Studies


The North American Society for Christian Arabic Studies sponsors an e-mail discussion group, devoted to the academic study of Arabic-speaking Christian communities, their literature, and their history. The group is open to academics working in Christian Arabic and related fields (Syriac Studies, Patristics, Islamic Studies, Byzantine Studies, etc.), as well as all those interested in the history of Arab and Middle-Eastern Christianity.

Through this group you will receive regular updates about Christian Arabic-related events, forthcoming conferences, new books and initiatives, current projects of group members, and so on. We will also be able to exchange ideas, respond to each other's queries, and work together for promoting Christian Arabic studies in North America.

The group's archive can be viewed at here.


The discussion group is hosted by Google Groups. To join please contact the moderator Alexander Treiger ( It would be helpful if you could include a short statement about who you are and the topics in which you are interested.